Science Fiction Themes
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Sci-Fi Science Themes
a scientific discussion of popular Sci-Fi themes, such as time travel, hyperdrive systems, teleporters, the existence of aliens etc.
Think Quest: The Future
A list of sites built by kids for kids about future technologies
Everything I Know I Learned from Science Fiction
A kid built site about SciFi possibilities
Armageddon Online: End of the World scenarios... A rather dark site about all the ways the world could end
Science Fiction: Utopias and dystopias

Living/Working/Traveling in Space
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How Stuff Works - Space
Cruise a plethora of links related to futuristic space technologies
Future Space Flight
From the feasible to the fantastic, here is a run-down of top transport options...
Space Futures
Here you can learn about Space Tourism, see some of the proposed Space Vehicles, find out about the legal, medical, and environmental aspects of our Space Habitat, or discover the potential of Space Power.

Biotechnology/Cloning/Genetic Engineering
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Genetic Science Learning Center
The University of Utah's very comprehensive site on cloning
Gattaga-The Future is Now
A ThinkQuest winner - student built site about bioengineering
Genetic Engineering: Human's Playground
Describes the past, present and future of genetic engineering

Alien Life
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PBS: Life Beyond Earth
Website for a PBS television show with some interesting links and information
National Geographic Channel: EXTRATERRESTRIAL Takes a look at what life on another planet might really look like
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology
A huge index to information about possible life in space
BBC Space - Life?
Information about the search for life in space

Time Travel
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NOVA Time Travel
The companion Website to the NOVA television program Time Travel
How Stuff Works - Time Travel
Good factual background on the scientific basis of time travel
BBC Science and Nature: Space
A good source for theoretical possibilities

Robots and Artificial Intelligence
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Robots: American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Great source of information - lots of internal links
Humanoid Robotics Group
Learn about robots that have been developed to mimic human behavior
Ethics and Robotics in the 21st Century
Read or listen to what scientists have to say about the future of robotics
NASA JPL Robotics
Scientific research and applications in robotics
How Stuff Works: Robots
The basics of robotics, including future applications

Requested Information
A Survival Center - Preparedness & Survival Food
Underground Shelter Resources
BBC - Wiltshire - Wiltshire's Underground City
"Mount Weather: Secret Underground Complex"
Teenagers and Cosmetic Surgery
Big Brother: government control of people's lives
Howstuffworks "How Invisibility Cloaks Work"
Out of Sight (Invisibility): Science News Online, July 15, 2006
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Experts test cloaking (invisibility) technology
How Stuff Works Telekenesis